About Us

Flexx Sports Nutrition is a dietary supplement brand specifically for people that are looking to improve their physique.  The products and formulas are designed to be used together as a part of a system to allow the user to burn fat and build lean muscle.  Our products, along with a strategic workout program and sophisticated caloric conscious diet will improve your ability to achieve the physique that you desire.

Flexx Sports Nutrition was founded in 2018 by Tim Edmunds, a personal trainer by trade and sports nutrition enthusiast. The extent of Tim's health and fitness experience dates back to 1993 when he worked at the YMCA in North Canton, Ohio.  Here his job was to clean the weight room daily, but this is also where he fell in love with the benefits of fitness.

His Fitness Resume Includes

- ACE Certified PT 2000

- B.S. Exercise Science, BGSU 2002

- PT/Gym Management with LTF, TCA, FFC clubs

- 2 Time Chicago Marathon Finisher

- Owner Snap Fitness, Columbia SC

- Owner 803 CrossFit

- Lone Star Sports Distribution

- NPC Men's Physique Competitor

- Muscle & 

- Consultant for Dozens of Sports Nutrition Brands


"I created Flexx Sports Nutrition as a brand that I wanted to use to improve my own results.  I'm not as worried about building products to cater to the masses.  I'm specifically interested in the person with the same fitness and physique goals that I have......and that is to build lean muscle and decrease body fat. I'm not a bodybuilder, nor do I have the time for that any longer. I just want to look and feel my best all year long." - Tim Edmunds


Use Flexx Sports Nutrition web site, blogs, social media and videos to build your best physique.  Our trainers lines are always open.  Email us directly at



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