20 Minutes Per Day – 30 Day Challenge to increase your frequency, intensity and duration.

20 Minutes Per Day – 30 Day Challenge to increase your frequency, intensity and duration.

Posted by Tim Edmunds on 29th Mar 2022

Hitting any fitness goal comes down to two basic points. Frequency (how often you train), Intensity (how hard you train), and Duration (how long you train).

I’ve exercised, worked out or trained every day for almost 30 years. When I started it was for getting bigger, stronger and faster. For the last 10 years my workouts have truly not yielded any bigger, stronger or faster results, but they have helped me to self-regulate.

During the last 10 years I started enduring the classic aches and pains that you hear about any aging athlete developing. I couldn’t run any more, my shoulders were always hurting and the pain seemed to rotate from one joint to the next. I was chalking up these pains to aging and I really didn’t think there was any way around it. Not only had I been training for two decades at that point, but I also was carrying the weight of additional life stress, work, family, kids a mortgage, etc. My frequency, intensity and duration were declining.

Looking around, I noticed most of my peers had either quit exercising or were enduring the same struggles. It was just a part of life……

Then I started noticing something “other”. Guys 10-20 years older than me competing in ultra marathons, strong man competitions and other incredible fitness challenges. How were they able to perform at high levels while I was falling apart?

There was a common denominator with all of these guys continuing to compete and improve as they aged, STRETCHING.

In Be Activated we talk about the body only being capable of being in one of two states. Explosion or Implosion. Expanding or Contracting. After years of training with very little or no consistency with stretching my body had spend decades in a contracted state. How could I expect anything other than pain with a body constantly imploding?

I built myself a very basic stretching protocol which included hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, glutes, psoas, calves and chest. I spent no more than 10 minutes per session doing 3 sessions per day for 30 days and the results were incredible.

  • My ability to run, long distance at a strong pace came back.
  • My shoulder pain vanished
  • I no longer experienced any joint pain
  • I was able to sleep better
  • I had more energy throughout the day
  • I noticed an increase in strength and intensity with my workouts
  • I was able to exercise more frequently

One note of caution, as I began this protocol, I noticed little muscle tweaks. It was almost as if I was learning to move again and my body didn’t like it. I would get calf pulls, and low back pulls that would last about a day or so, but it was all a part of the process.

If you’re looking for improvement and the ability to perform at higher levels, avoid pain and see some increased frequency, intensity and duration with your workouts. Try a basic stretching routine 3x per day for 30 days. I feel confident that anyone that does this for 30 days will experience similar results.