BeActivated - Muscle Activation Method

BeActivated - Muscle Activation Method

Posted by Tim Edmunds on 15th Apr 2021

Stress comes in two forms. Emotional Stress when we are affected by the environment then turning it into chemistry (hormones) in the body and Physical Stress when we are affected by the environment in the form of bodily trauma.

What is interesting is that emotional stress, although purely chemical in nature eventually manifests itself as physical stress due to its impact on our physiology. We can clearly see this in the posture of someone that is enduring emotional stress verses someone that is feeling good. Same goes for physical stress. The physical stress to the body impacts our posture and physiology to the point that there are internal chemical responses that ultimately lead to emotional stress on top of our physical pain. It is a vicious cycle.

If these stresses are not addressed it will lead to long term issues such as chronic pain, illness, disease, fatigue, depression, weight gain, etc. We have been conditioned to ignore stress, push it aside and power through but if the body cannot release, it leads to complete destruction.

BeActivated has entered the chat. BeActivated is a method that addresses stress in the neuromuscular, lymphatic and respiratory systems. At its core, BeActivated is a “reset” button for your body to release built up stress and return the body to homeostasis. The method utilizes a technique that breaks up any adhesions (muscular system) and built-up fluid (lymphatic system) within the body and uses touch points allowing the release of physical tension (nervous system). By “Activating” these systems it allows for deep, restorative breathing patterns to assume control as oppose to short stressful breathing patterns. The wonderful thing about this method is, if done correctly, the body will respond IMMEDIATELY!

Using a practitioner familiar with BeActivated is always recommended, especially for the initial activation session, then becoming familiar with the method you can perform self-activation sessions as needed. I subscribe to the proactive form of BeActivated, doing self-activation 1-2x per day then periodically as needed. I do this because stress can easily slip under the radar and you won’t know it until your entire system is in panic mode.

I’ve found, running (2) 15-Minutes sessions per day has drastically reduced my stress levels (coming off of anxiety medication), improved my physiology (lost 20+ pounds) and has increased my energy to the point where I can do more for myself and my family. It’s been absolutely amazing.

If you are interested in a BeActivated Session and learning how to “Self-Activate” please send me an email.