Brain Chemistry and The Body

Brain Chemistry and The Body

Posted by Tim Edmunds on 22nd Apr 2021

I’ve always been a believer that your brain chemistry essentially determines your emotional state. I also think that our emotional state has a massive impact on our overall physiology, energy levels and our ability to perform in life.

When dealing with anxiety and stress I was fortunate enough to connect with a Doctor of Pharmacy that specialized in brain chemistry. He introduced me to the Braverman Personality Type Assessment. This ingenious assessment, in my opinion, can accurately pinpoint your personality as it is dictated by your brain chemistry. Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA and Serotonin levels determine how you act and react. A balance of all four of these chemicals is ideal, yet by our environment, we can be heavier in certain areas and/or deficient in others. The imbalances lead to stronger or weaker tendencies in our personalities and our ability to control our emotional states and ability to handle stress. If this goes unmonitored for a prolonged period of time, we can experience it as outward expressions of depression, illness, injury, etc.

Initially we can supplement our way to a balance, yet if things are not addressed in our environment and how we handle situations, the body will continue to produce or not produce the proper balance of chemicals necessary for optimization.

Connecting with someone familiar in this arena is the first step. Dr. Phillip Carson ( is quite familiar with identifying where higher levels or deficient levels of brain chemistry exist.

Next, finding a qualified person to speak with to help you identify points of tension that exist in your environment so that you can built plans to address them when they arise. This will retrain your brain to produce the proper balance of chemicals.

Lastly, building daily habits that we know benefit the brain chemistry like diet, exercise and sleep will add the last piece of transformation for success. Stringing multiple days in a row of proper eating, exercise and sleep will ultimately (on top of initiating the chemical balance) change you from a person dealing with anxiety and stress to a person actively managing life.

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