Get Rich Slow

Get Rich Slow

Posted by Tim Edmunds on 20th May 2021

Last week, I saw a Facebook friend (that I barely know) pumping their pyramid scheme company. I can’t remember if they were hawking essential oils or overpriced vitamins, but they were definitely trying to recruit.

To me, it sounded like she was attempting to regurgitate a pep talk that the scheme company’s CEO did on Zoom to a group of young hungry entrepreneurs. Her message was essentially “Someone asked me if this company was a ‘Get Rich Quick’ company and I said ‘Yes’, wouldn’t you rather get rich quick than get rich slow?”

For a second, I thought, “Of course! Why would anyone want to toil and labor to become rich when they could do it quick and easy??”

Then it occurred to me, we need to toil, labor and habituate the actions of people that had gotten rich if we want to become rich. Taking the time to develop the long-standing habits of those that are rich is exactly what it takes to CHANGE from being a person that isn’t rich to a person that is rich.

Think about it, if you get rich quick, then you are still a person that isn’t rich……now you just have money (at the moment). You haven’t become a person that embodies the habits, mentality and lifestyle of someone that is rich. Think about all of the professional athletes that become millionaires on draft night, but a few years after they retire are broke again. They never changed who they were. Money came to them, but they never developed into the person that could continue to be rich.

Same thing applies to weight loss. Almost everyone that loses hundreds of pounds on ‘The Biggest Loser’ puts it all back on. They never learn to be a lean person. They are just a fat person that got lean….and eventually they will be fat again.

My point is, embracing a Get Rich Slow mentality allows the necessary time to TRANSFORM into the person you want to be forever. Someone that takes a year to lose 50lbs, in my mind, is most likely to keep the weight off as opposed to someone that loses 50lbs in a month. The new habits change the person.

Apply this philosophy to any aspect of your life that you are looking to change. Know that lasting change takes repetition.