​Grateful vs Unsatisfied

​Grateful vs Unsatisfied

Posted by Tim Edmunds on 12th Aug 2021

I’m always looking for ways to hack the system of reality, hahaha! I can’t help it; I’m always looking to be able to replicate things that work and discard things that don’t work. I’ve found that my emotional state typically effects my judgement, and my mindset determines the direction of my life.

I don’t always remember these rules and when things get off track, it’s usually because of emotional interference or a derailed mindset. This affects everything from achieving goals all the way to my physical health. Don’t believe me? Start monitoring these aspects in your life and you’ll begin to build correlations.

Recently I’ve been playing with the concept of being grateful. Grateful is an awesome and powerful emotion, just ask the self-help gurus. They always preach about being grateful. Grateful is a feeling you get after you receive or achieve something. It’s an elevated feeling of satisfaction. The gurus tell you that you need to remain in this state yet, by our nature (or at least mine) we want MORE. I don’t see it as greed but more of a desire to grow.

Does that make the opposite of gratefulness being unsatisfied? To be unsatisfied is to want more. We always want more or better, if we didn’t, everything would be at a complete standstill.

I always thought that being grateful was the same as being complacent. I’ve had horrible experiences with complacency. It’s like if you don’t do something to grow, you get a harsh push from behind.

I’ve come to the conclusion that these forces, gratefulness, and the feeling of being unsatisfied, need a proper balance and to work simultaneously. Always be grateful for what you have (not just material things) but have a controlled sense of being unsatisfied targeted for growth.

Don’t fall too deep into being unsatisfied because then you’ll lose the sense of gratefulness and never let gratefulness morph into complacency. The key to this balance is knowing where you stand at all times. I imagine it will require constant adjustment. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the way things are going, it’s probably a good time to remember all of the great things you have going on to balance things out. Same goes for when you feel on top of the world an nothing can hurt you…..that would be a good time to dig in and find something you’d like to start growing.

Food for thought, if your curious, play with it, if not, don’t