Inclusion; All Or Nothing

Inclusion; All Or Nothing

Posted by Tim Edmunds on 25th Aug 2021

I’m 100% on board for the inclusion movement. I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of inclusion on how it raises those that are struggling and builds the ability to empathize in those that are thriving. It creates a culture where everyone can contribute at their level and encourages and teaches respect at all levels. It’s the working concept of teamwork or community at its core. With this philosophy everyone can have a sense of success.

Some of the champions of inclusion are missing the mark. They want to include or be included but aren’t willing to include those that they disagree with. It’s the Planet Fitness model that gets rejected because of its hypocrisy. “Judgement Free Zone” they claim, but it’s not a judgement free zone. It’s a Judgement Zone for those that they disagree with. They promote inclusion EXCEPT for bodybuilders and powerlifters. But Wait?!? I thought this was a judgement free zone? Well, it is, just not for those people who we think make gyms uncomfortable. Then say that don’t confuse anyone.

Too often we reject everything we disagree with. Disagreement is an indicator that we need to dig deeper into the concept. 

For true inclusion we need to include those we disagree with

With complete inclusion all sides can learn more about why they are in opposition. Once we know this and if we respect the other side, we can objectively formulate solutions.

Continuous ridicule or rejection of opposing viewpoints drives the gap of solution further apart. If you cannot empathize with your opposition, they will NEVER empathize with you.

Opposing viewpoints is the birthplace of innovation and new concepts. Differences need to be celebrated not used for separation.

I’m seeing wonderful things at the elementary school level. The integration of all students with any ability creates an environment that raises those that we see as struggling and encourages those that we see as succeeding to be leaders. We can see firsthand in these classrooms a community of reciprocal care and it’s because we create and environment of mutual inclusion and everyone is involved.

Converting a bully into an ally, friend or leader is done through inclusion. Bullies are singled out and pushed away but they need inclusion to learn how empathy can benefit them and others. Bullies definitely have qualities of strength, imagine if it were channeled correctly. Yet, you cannot coerce change. Even with promoting this philosophy, people with opposing views don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Teach with actions, include those you disagree with. Empathize with those that you disagree with and begin working together to form unique solutions. The best teams in the world understand and are using this philosophy to get better.