Never Underestimate The Body

Never Underestimate The Body

Posted by Tim Edmunds on 15th Sep 2021

It’s become clear with agreed forced “health care” that at least half of the people in the world undermine the body’s capabilities.

In the circles of trainers, therapists, athletes and medical professionals that I associate with daily, everyone seems to understand that the body has inherent abilities to heal, build, grow and perform naturally. The medical professionals that turn their backs to this are traditionally the ones that practice less and regurgitate more. The professionals that actively work on themselves and clients/patients in a way that is fundamentally customized to the individual are the ones that truly have a deep understanding that small corrections within the body will lead to an almost limitless function within.

Prescribing a pill or giving a shot is not medical practice, it’s drug dealing. Society is now conditioned to expect a pill to cure as oppose to understanding root causes and correcting at that level. Sadly, I think some doctors do as instructed to collect a paycheck and very few do what the know is correct.

Options in health care need to be explored. Quick fix prescriptions can keep you on a hamster wheel.

Experimenting with your own recovery methods is another must. Taking the time to become aware of how your body works can actually keep you healthy. Learning and understanding how the body operates puts you in complete control of your health and wellness.

For me there are 4 proven ways to maintain optimal health for myself.

  • Nutrition – am I eating properly and in the right amounts?
  • Hydration – when properly hydrated my system remains optimized.
  • Stress- am I in control of my stress levels, physically, mentally and emotionally

I get sick when I’m run down. I get sick if I drink alcohol in excess. I get sick when I’m mentally and emotionally drained. I get sick when I over train.

I don’t get sick because of a virus. Virus is not the root cause of illness. Proper care and management of my body is the only root cause.

There are people that never get sick. There are people that never get injured. There are people that can train every day. There are people that recover extremely fast. Why? Because they understand how to manage their body.

It’s time for everyone to take responsibility for their own health. Leaving it to others or even “professionals” will insure you will never understand the root causes of your own health. There is no money to be made in having you in complete control of your health yet for thousands of years it was a core principle.