23rd Jul 2021
For about a month now it has felt like my body has been progressively deteriorating. I couldn’t tell you exactly why, but I have a theory. I’m experiencing chronic pain that has moved from my obl… read more
20th May 2021
Last week, I saw a Facebook friend (that I barely know) pumping their pyramid scheme company. I can’t remember if they were hawking essential oils or overpriced vitamins, but they were definitely… read more
19th May 2021
Just recently I’ve heard two personal stories about physician diagnosis and prognosis that missed the mark. In these scenarios one was told a specific medicine would be required to be taken for the… read more
5th May 2021
Victim to the CreatorThroughout life when addressing problems, you can really only take two positions. You can either be the victim and blame others, your environment or your circumstances or you can… read more
22nd Apr 2021
I’ve always been a believer that your brain chemistry essentially determines your emotional state. I also think that our emotional state has a massive impact on our overall physiology, energy levels… read more
15th Apr 2021
Stress comes in two forms. Emotional Stress when we are affected by the environment then turning it into chemistry (hormones) in the body and Physical Stress when we are affected by the environment i… read more
8th Apr 2021
Stress is Killing Your GainsDon’t believe me? Check with science! They’ll tell you that cortisol, the hormone released during stressful periods, although helpful in small doses can actually cause si… read more
31st Mar 2021
I’ve exercised (cardio and lifting) every day since I was 15. At this point, I’ve spent an overwhelming majority of my living days at the gym. Exercise isn’t hard for me, it’s a habit. My programs… read more
16th Mar 2021
There are certain things we love to do and there are certain things we despise doing. Understanding that we are driven by rewards can allow you to search deep for multiple rewards and help you push t… read more
8th Mar 2021
Looking for the results you want will take time. It is just the nature of the beast. It’s almost as if we were being tested to see if we REALLY want the results. There are times when days, weeks or… read more
16th Feb 2021
I have been putting off launching this new, improved, total exercise, fitness and nutrition site for months. Seven months to be exact. SEVEN!! What was I waiting for you may ask? Well, I was wait… read more
19th Jan 2021
A quick personal story. Over the past year I’ve been quite consistent with my workouts. Rarely missing a workout, hitting the gym 5-6 days per week, with the goal of weight loss and a leaner physi… read more
2nd Nov 2020
Go ahead — buck the trend, be fearless and follow that high-protein diet. Here's why science supports eating plenty of this essential macronutrient to hit your get-lean strong-body goals — and two… read more
3rd May 2020
Here are five steps you can take to make your fat-loss and muscle-building efforts smoother and simpler. Even if you want to make a significant change to the way you look and feel, you may be… read more
2nd Mar 2020
Break through your diet plateau and kick your metabolism into overdrive with this four-week meal plan. Here’s the deal, carbs are good for pretty much one thing — providing energy. And let’s… read more
4th Feb 2020
All the information you need to sculpt a chiseled six-pack, including training principles, workouts, exercises and a seven-day meal plan Want hard abs? Of course you do – and getting them may… read more
28th Oct 2019
If your Herculean assault on the treadmill and weight rack haven’t yielded the promised results, these tips may make the difference. 1. Time Your Rest Periods Still fiddling with Twitter b… read more
25th Jun 2019
Consistent weight loss is not an easy thing to achieve  but absolutely attainable if you go into it with a positive mindset. These are a few tips that will help you to stay in the groove a… read more
24th Apr 2019
You absolutely need a rest day. Now this isn’t a “get out of jail free” day for any slackers, but for those of you that are on a routine where there are “NO DAYS OFF”, then you may be doing more harm… read more
11th Apr 2019
Is Carb Cycling an effective diet format to lose weight and burn fat?First, let’s define carb cycling. Carb Cycling is a diet in which you manipulate the amount of carbohydrates you take in per day.… read more
21st Feb 2019
Awesome Interview with the guys from Supplement Kitchen to get to know a little more about our brand!… read more
11th Oct 2018
There are lot of people out there with different opinions about If It Fit’s Your Macros (IIFYM). It is the type of nutrition program I have been following for a quite awhile now and have truly been h… read more
11th Oct 2018
If you follow us on Instagram (@flexxsportsnutrition), you’ve probably seen us use the phrase #FlexxElite. You’re also probably wondering what on earth it really means to be a part of this family! Her… read more
11th Oct 2018
As fitness enthusiasts who have stood where you’re standing, feeling at times like there’s no way we can accomplish our goals, Bryan and I believe in the importance of continued support and motivation… read more
11th Oct 2018
        Guest post by Sam Paparo                                       … read more
11th Oct 2018
Guest Post by Sam PaparoWhat is carb cycling? Why do some people carb cycle? How does it work?I utilize carb cycling to strip excess body fat while still making lean muscle gains. Carb cycling enable… read more
11th Oct 2018
To the woman who said my love of fitness made her feel bad about herself,I understand your struggle. I have felt that way countless times as I looked in the mirror or talked to a gym representative. C… read more
11th Oct 2018
I recently had the opportunity to re-watch a film called Miss Representation. It’s a documentary that discusses how mainstream media impacts how women are seen and heard in today’s world. There is a l… read more