What Answer Satisfies You?

What Answer Satisfies You?

Posted by Tim Edmunds on 19th May 2021

Just recently I’ve heard two personal stories about physician diagnosis and prognosis that missed the mark. In these scenarios one was told a specific medicine would be required to be taken for the rest of the persons life in order to keep them alive but it came with a massive list of side effects that altered their quality of life. The other scenario a doctor told them that their condition would get progressively worse and there was nothing they could do to slow or stop their eventual demise.

In both scenarios the word from the medical professional proved to be wrong. The one with the lifetime of medication saw a different doctor who told him that the information his initial doctor told him was correct at the time, but now they know that his condition is treatable without long term medicinal use. The other story, the person was determined to prove the doctor wrong and not only self-treated their condition but improved the physical attributes that they were told they were destined to lose.

This kind of stuff happens every day. The person that was told they’d never walk again gets up and walks. The person that is told they only have 3 months to live goes on and lives a full life. This is not a shot at medical professionals or doctors. They give information based on probability, experience, and information from medical journals. You do not have to accept it as gospel.

My question is, what is it inside of those people that allows them to go above what the professionals say and choose their own destiny? Also, why don’t these stories inspire enough people to take matters into their own hands? Lastly, why haven’t we adopted a model of belief (both personally and from a medical practitioner standpoint) to instill confidence in the bodies ability to overcome? The conspiracy theorists will say because that system of belief isn’t profitable. The truth is conspiracy theorists, it is profitable….the self help business is a billion dollar industry.

I am amazed with what the human body is capable of. The power of the mind has limitless potential. The only way we can harness that mental power is by only settling for the answers that you want. You must be courageous; you cannot give up and you must stand your ground and continue your search for the strategies that will take you where you want to go.

Not only does this work with our health but it works with our relationships, our finances, our business, and every other situation in life.

So, today, will you accept your fate as dictated to you by someone else or will you continue relentlessly to pursue what you want?