Why Are You Taking A Probiotic?

Why Are You Taking A Probiotic?

Posted by Tim Edmunds on 5th Apr 2022

Probiotics have been sold to us by marketing companies to the point where we are overdosed. The claims have been to help balance the gut, help digestibility, regulate blood sugar levels and boost the immune system. While these claims may be true we do not know the exact species of gut bacteria that we may need. We go to the store and grab a probiotic on the shelf but we do not know exactly what gut bacteria imbalances we have. In order to find that information we would need a lab report similar to GI mapping. Most people do not have a complete GI mapping report and use their best guess to determine the type of probiotic they want to buy. In fact, most people don’t even know what strand or combination of strands they are buying. The danger with this is you could get a probiotic that is not what you need and could create an overpopulation of a specific strand of gut bacteria. In addition, prolonged use of probiotics could disrupt the natural microbiota populations.  This could lead to other gut issues and increased inflammation which has it's list of effects. 

Consider this as an alternative to probiotics if you're looking to improve your gut health, digestibility and immune system. 

  1.  Eating fermented foods fermented foods are known to naturally balance the gut and decrease inflammation 
  2.  Better sleep has plays a tremendous role in naturally balancing the gut. 
  3.  Avoiding processed foods and artificial sweeteners will allow your gut to naturally be balanced and helps with detoxification. 

Last but certainly not least a diet balanced in fiber also benefits balancing gut bacteria. Consider these three safe options before exploring a probiotic. Also, as always consult with a physician familiar with nutrition before any changes in diet or supplement intake.